Sean (Seunghwan) Cha

I am a Deep Learning Software Engineer at NVIDIA where I am part of Intelligent Video Analytics team. Before joining NVIDIA, I obtained a Master of Science in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University , where I was advised by Prof. Deva Ramanan and Prof. Aswin Sankaranarayanan.

Previously, I completed my Bachelor's Degree at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). I also did a semester exchange at Vanderbilt University where I was lucky enough to work with Prof. Maithilee Kunda.

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  • 09/2021: I started my full time role as Deep Learning Software Enginner at NVIDIA.

  • 07/2021: Our system ranked 1st on Surprise Activity Leaderbaord for ActEV'21 Challenge.

  • 10/2020: The work done at Vanderbilt was introduced in CBS 60 Minutes hosted by Anderson Cooper.

  • 05/2020: I will be interning at NVIDIA for the summer.

  • 04/2020: The work done at Vaderbilt was accepted to CogSci 2020.

  • 02/2020: The work done during Naver Clova AI internship was accepted to CVPR 2020.

  • 08/2019: I started my Master's program at Carnegie Mellon University.

  • 07/2019: I will be receiving scholarship from Kwanjeong Educational Foundation throughout my Master's program.

  • 05/2019: I will be interning at Naver Clova AI for the summer.

I'm interested in computer vision, machine learning, and video understanding. Many of my work deals with video input from egocentric vision and surveillance camera.

Enhancing Cognitive Assessment through Multimodal Sensing: A Case Study Using the Block Design Test
Seunghwan Cha, James Ainooson, Eunji Chong, Isabelle Soulières, James M. Rehg, Maithilee Kunda
CogSci, 2020
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Regularization on Spatio-Temporally Smoothed Feature forAction Recognition
Jinhyoung Kim, Seunghwan Cha, Dongyoon Wee, Soonmin Bae, Junmo Kim
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020

An Object Is More Than a Single Image: The Toybox Dataset of Visual Object Transformations
Xiaohan Wang, Tengyu Ma, Azhar Molla, Seunghwan Cha, James Ainooson, Xiaotian Wang, Maithilee Kunda
The 4th Vision Meets Cognition Workshop at Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2018
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